Second Paleo dinner

by debraatuow

Tonight’s dinner:


  • Chicken coated in almond meal (which basically just fell off)
  • Cooked broccoli, carrot and green beans (some are burnt… I need to get better at cooking multiple things at once)
  • Garlic mushrooms and spinach
  • Sweet potato chips (cooked in the oven with olive oil and salt)

I bought coconut oil today (and it was expensive… hopefully I can buy it online cheaper!) which I used to cook my mushrooms, chicken and veggies.

One thing I have noticed in the past day eating Paleo is that I don’t get full. Or like, I’m-so-full-I-could-explode full. I always hated that feeling of eating so much that you actually felt sick. I’m not hungry, but I’m not ‘full’. The food I am eating doesn’t make me feel sick. This is good.

Tomorrow for breakfast I’m thinking some Paleo ‘cereal’ and a smoothie. 😀