A pretty good breaky, and why I’ve given up on treats

by debraatuow


Today was not such a bad day. Washed my sheets, bought a crack-a-mac macadamia nut cracker (that’s a mouthful and a half) and (and this is my favourite bit), got a Tree of Life dress from Salvos for $4!! Why would anyone donate that away? It’s simple yet lovely! Very happy with my purchase today. (: And, I saw a show at the Uni tonight. Yeh. Pretty cool.

Before all that, for breaky I had two sausages, a tomato, sliced & cooked, two scrambled eggs and sweet potato & potato chip things. I really don’t think I like sweet potato. Which is disappointing because a lot of Paleo food seems to have sweet potato. But… regular potatoes are just so much better…

I use to have this breakfast minus the eggs but with toast and baked beans so often… friggen yum. R.I.P. my gluten days.

For lunch and dinner I had my curry that was left over from the other night, and today I made an apple and strawberry crumble. It was pretty tasty, definitely the best sweet Paleo thing I’ve made. But, I think I have given up on making Paleo dessert/treats/whatever. They are just not as good as the real deal! Pancakes, brownies, muffins… Maybe I just haven’t tried any good recipes, or I suck at cooking. But, I’m not really craving that stuff anyway, so it’s fine.

In hindsight, prrrroobably should’ve baked it for a bit longer

All the washing up I have to do is ridiculous. Seeing as I cook or prepare something for basically every meal it piles up so quickly! I think, I’m going to have to make sure I wash up as soon as I am finished with something, so it’s not just one giant messy pile of a million things to clean up while there’s 3 cockroaches crawling around the kitchen (like it was tonight).

I hope you are all feeling well and eating well! (: