Nasi Goreng, hold the rice.

by debraatuow

This morning, I didn’t have much time to make a cooked breakfast, and frankly was too lazy, so I had some Paleo cereal, with frozen berries, almonds, cashews, coconut cream, a bit of desiccated coconut and some honey. It was a pretty tasty breaky!

Cereal (:

Then, I went to the TAFE about 25 minutes south and had a look around, sussed it all out, and applied for an Automotive Pre-Vocational course. I had to do a literacy and numeracy test, which was pretty easy. One of the questions just required you to add all these amounts together… At least I passed *that* test, hah. I find out if I have been accepted in January, but if Uni clashes then I won’t be able to do it. Fingers crossed!

After I got back from down south, I made some Nasi Goreng but without the rice… which I guess sorta defeats the purpose of the dish. I got the recipe from here. I couldn’t find the Sambal Oelek she used, at the shop they had every other flavour in that brand except the one I needed. Sigh. The brand I got was double the price and seemed to have heaps of salt in it. :/

I didn’t add any prawns to it, but I think next time I will. It was pretty yummy, quite spicy, and is a good way to disguise an egg, seeing as I don’t really like them…

I also had some more of my apple/strawberry crumble, then went to see a play my SO was in called The Pillowman. It was very good. Then when I got home I had more crumble and an apple.

And that’s all for today. Ta!