A pretty uninteresting food day.

by debraatuow

I didn’t cook anything new today so I don’t have anything interesting to post really. For breaky, some cereal. For lunch, some nasi goreng from the other day. A mango. Nasi goreng again for dinner. A banana. Some watermelon, and some more cashews.

Also, I finally found ghee! I’ve been looking for it every time I go to the shops, but I just couldn’t find it. I finally found it at the fruit market – sneaky thing.

I’m going home this weekend for work, so it will probably be a challenge and a half not to cheat while I’m there. I reckon I’ll make a big thing of curry for everyone (so that I can eat it too), and I’ll take some of my spaghetti I have in the freezer as well.

Today in pole dancing (yeah I do pole. It’s awesome) I went even more upside down. Yay! Upside down is fun. My teacher mentioned next year that there’s an opportunity to do a four-day course thing how to be a pole teacher. I’d love to be a pole teacher, but then she said it was $1300! Well. Nevermind then. d:

And I think that’s all for now. I may or may not post much while I’m at home. Bye!