My first Paleo meal outside of the house.

by debraatuow

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to stay Paleo whilst at home. It isn’t the easiest thing. So much bread, pasta, and other things I can’t/don’t want to eat. LIKE SOY CRISPS. They are yum. But so soy-y and gluten-y.

I finally finished my nasi goreng. I had it for lunch whilst at work yesterday (yesterday was very slow. It rained, so no cricket and basically no people). And when I got home I realised I left my containers/my other food at work. D’oh!

For dinner last night I had two sausages, some potato, and onions, carrots and snow peas. I don’t know how Paleo the sausages were, they were from Woolworths and didn’t have any ingredients. They tasted pretty average. Woolworths sucks.

Today I didn’t have breakfast cause I woke up pretty late. My brother and I went out to a Thai place for lunch. I had gluten-free chilli basil chicken without rice. It was pretty tasty! Then I went to some health food shop, and bought a goji berry ball thing and an apricot ball thing. It said they were gluten, soy, diary and nut free so they sound pretty Paleo to me! The apricot was nicer than the goji but they were still both very yum! I had a sausage when I got home because my (other) brother had cooked some.

I’m about to go off to work again, I reckon I’ll take an apple and a banana with me. And I think I’ll go roast some almonds right now so I can have those too… alright, off to do that!