Home tomorrow

by debraatuow

Just thought I’d make a quick post.

I cannot wait to get home tomorrow so I can eat Paleo without having to worry about what I’m going to eat with each meal! So hard to do at home with the family. I had a reeeaallyy good watermelon cut up at home, but that was 3 or 4 days ago so it’ll probably be bad by the time I get back. ):

Guess I’ll tell you what I ate today:

Brunch/lunch: 2 sausages, 2 eggs (scrambled), sliced cooked tomato
Snack: an apple
“Dinner” (after I got home from work): some chorizo (not sure how Paleo it was), plus a potato, sliced and cooked with some olive oil (should probably stop eating so many potatoes but they are just so good).

So that’s it. 3 days of work, struggling to be Paleo at home, now back south tomorrow. Yay!