For Bek

by debraatuow

Hi Bek. Here’s a blog post for you:

So today I slept in to 12:45pm. I felt bad about this as my whole day was wasted. So then I drove to uni to see Sarah Miller but she wasn’t there. Soo I drove into town and bought a 30cm cast iron frying pan from Aussie Disposals. It looked something like this:

My frying pan looks similar to this. In fact it basically is this.

On my way to Aussie Disposals I ate a banana. It was banana-ry and delicious. Then I was just casually walking down the mall as you do and what’s this? I bumped into a girl who use to work at the pizza shop I also worked at. We talked for a bit and it was nice to see her. Also weird, cause I live in a different city to her (well, not any more).

I went to the fruit market (aka my love) and bought some stuff. Specifically, yellow curry paste, strawberries, a carrot, some potatoes, 4 chicken drumsticks, 2 things of bacon and maybe something else, idk. Then I made some thai curry chicken stuff, which stupidly put in the slow cooker at like 4:30pm so it’s still fricken cooking and probably won’t be ready til like 8:30 at the earliest.

And cause I was feeling like a gross, lazy camel for staying up late, sleeping for almost 12 hours and barely doing anything for the past few days I went for a walk down to the beach, and bitch I swung on a swing for like 3.5 minutes. That, in addition to the sound of the waves crashing etc was pretty dang awesome. So then I walked home, and it didn’t stop there. I opened up good old YouTube and did 15 minutes of yoga. Aw yeah. Then I stretched for 10 minutes, and now I’m back to being lazy, on reddit, on my bed.

Oh, and in other news, I bought a KING SIZED comforter. It is awesome. AND KING SIZED!

Hope your day was as riveting as mine, Bek.

Love, Debby J