This is… harder than I thought it would be.

by debraatuow

I remember reading somewhere that if you think something is easy, then you are more likely to be lenient, or to fail, or go against whatever your goal is – while if you think something is hard, then you’re likely to stick to it, or at least try harder — something like that. I’m pretty tired and I don’t fully remember, but you catch my drift.

I think part of my problem is I think this is easy – that it’s easy to go cold turkey on the snacks, the junk food. I’ve done it before, so how hard could it be? The thing is, my circumstances were different back then – I was living in a different place, I had a SO at the time, etc.

I still cook Paleo meals, I haven’t completely fallen off the bandwagon and started having toast and cereal for breakfast and pasta for dinner. I haven’t bought bread, cereal or pasta for at least 9 months now. So my meals are fine, but if someone offers me something then I usually don’t say no, even if I want to. Which is pretty annoying, cause I don’t even want it! Well, in the short term I do, but in the long term I don’t.

I hate talking about Paleo because it sounds like a bunch of wank. But I’ve done it before and it really worked for me, I’m just finding it hard to get back into it properly.

I suppose I just need to find the things that are triggers for me – events, moods, foods… I remember reading another blog or Reddit post from a girl who said that almond butter was a huge trigger for her to go on a junk food binge. I find that if I “cheat” or have a “cheat day” or whatever then it *really* is a cheat day – all or nothing. I will either have a 100% Paleo day, or I will have 6 different kinds of junk food throughout the day, or at least a lot of junk processed crap.

For ages now I have wanted to get into lifting weights, however that requires going to the gym and the gym is expensive and I can’t afford it. BUT I’ve heard that gyms in American/Canadian unis are free. If this is true then that is AMAZING, cause I’m going on exchange to Canada later this year. I will get all over that gym. 

My food today:

  • a banana and a handful of cashews for breakfast
  • some salad and a tin of tuna for lunch
  • a few lollies at rehearsals
  • another banana
  • half an avocado, some smoked salmon and some yaki nori with gluten free soy sauce
  • sweet potato shepard’s pie (which I got from here)
  • 2 slices of chocolate cake (it was my friends birthday…)
  • probably some more cashews
  • a slice of cheesecake… my housemate went back to her home country today and it was left over from her goodbye dinner

So, not amazing. Sweet potato pie is a bit meh buuut when I’ve finished that I plan on making limey chicken which I’ll probably have with some cauliflower mash or cauliflower rice