First 100% Paleo day in a long time!

by debraatuow

Today I actually managed not to eat the copious amounts of junk food I had available to me today – it was my friend’s birthday, and we had a picnic in the botanical gardens where there were lots of cakes etc. I brought my own lunch and had some rockmelon (which was pretty dang tasty). Oh and I had some of my friends lemon slice thing she made last night, which was gluten and dairy free and sweetened with maple syrup. That was the only junky thing available to me, ha.

Then at rehearsals there were all these jelly babies, which I just stared at. But I had a really good dinner!

Lime chicken breast and cauliflower rice:

  • slice some chicken breast/thighs
  • season with salt and pepper
  • cook in a pan with coconut oil until nice and browned/crispy 
  • meanwhile boil some cauliflower, then drain once a fork goes through it easily
  • add a bit of butter, and crush up with a fork
  • drizzle fresh lime over the chicken

Serve up, and it’ll look something like this! (not the best photo…)

Lime chicken with cauliflower rice

Lime chicken with cauliflower rice

I also found this thing on Reddit, where you pick a number randomly from 1-100 and whatever it falls on you have to do. It’s called the “Neckbeard Challenge”



Cause of this challenge I went on a decent walk today, then did 50 squats thanks to the squat challenge. Then did a bunch of stretches. Was good.

I need to get out of the habit of going to sleep really late. But that is for another day…