Well that was interesting

by debraatuow

What an interesting weekend.

I saw a friend from high school who recently returned from exchange in the USA who I haven’t seen in over a year. My brother came too and it was great to catch up with them both. We went to a pub in the city, and afterwards my friend and I went to a park to meet up some friends. I use to go drinking there when I was 17 but I haven’t been there in 2-3 years so it was pretty strange to be there. I saw a few old high school friends, but left after ~15 minutes.

My eating habits whilst at home were horrible. Bread, cereal, etc. It was nice to have seeing as I almost never eat these things but I don’t plan on eating that stuff again for a long time.

There was a huge game on at the stadium that I work at, which was pretty good. It’s good when it’s busy cause there’s a great vibe about the place and people ask me questions so it gives me something to do!

I also finally booked my flights to USA/Canada! I leave on August 21. I get to stay with my friend for a few days before I head off to Vancouver. Can’t wait!!

Getting back on track in terms of food. I was sick last week and now I have a cough so I want to fuel my body with the right stuff and make sure I get better for the opening of the musical that I’m in!

I suppose that’s all.