Will power as a muscle

by debraatuow

Do you have willpower?

Where does your willpower strength lie on this line?

I have none              Some              A good amount              My willpower is brilliant!

Even if you say you have no willpower now, you can still get it. Many people already have a range of mental strengths or ‘willpower’ skills that can be used to help you stay on the Paleo diet.

It might help to think of willpower as a muscle, like an arm lifting a dumbbell. Like any muscle in the body, training the willpower ‘muscle’ can increase its strength. You can strengthen this ‘muscle’ by exercising and refining willpower strategies and also learning new ones and exercising them too.

But remember like real muscles, willpower can also experience fatigue.  If your willpower is exercised repeatedly with tempting situations such as offers to have a biscuit over a short period of time, or being around cake during your Whole30, it can lead to slip ups.  Keep this in mind and have a plan if you think you might find yourself in this type of situation or if you feel your willpower fading.

This is why it is a good idea to practice using your willpower prior to your Paleo or Whole30 attempt.  Small acts of self control can help strengthen your willpower so that you are better prepared to handle temptation moments when you start the diet. You may consider practising your willpower by taking a walk every morning or limiting yourself to one 85% chocolate treat per week.  You’ll notice that as you exercise your willpower, these acts become easier.  You can then apply these techniques when you start the Whole30 and need to resist processed foods.

It can help to develop a strong ‘willpower’ muscle right from the beginning because it’s at the beginning of your Whole 30 or Paleo journey when cravings are likely to be most frequent and prominent.


Hmm, following the Paleo diet or Whole30 program sounds a lot like quitting smoking.

Source: http://www.icanquit.com.au/willpower/thinking-of-willpower-as-a-muscle